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US Sentencing Commission

On April 30, 2015, the US Sentencing Commission issued its proposed Amendments to the Sentencing Guidelines.  Absent contrary action by Congress, the proposed amendements will go into effect November 1, 2015.  The guidelines which will be affected by the amendment, include § 1B1.3 Relevant Conduct; § 2K2.1 Unlawful Receipt, Possession, or Transportation of Firearms or Ammunition; Prohibited Transactions Involving Firearms or Ammunition; § 2X3.1 Accessory After the Fact; and § 2X4.1 Misprision of Felony.  Inflationary Adjustments are proposed for § 2B1.1 Theft, Property, Destruction, and Fraud; § 2B2.1 Burglary; § 2B3.1 Robbery; § 2R1.1 Bid-Rigging, Price-Fixing or Market-Allocation Agreements Among Competitors; § 2T4.1 Tax Table; § 5E1.2 Fines for Individual Defendants; and, § 8C2.4 Base Fine.  To read the Commission's proposed Amendments, click here.