FPD Staff List

Legal      (Please use only the main office number where the person is located for collect calls.)          

Attorneys Email Address Telephone Number
Cathi Adinaro Cathi_Adinaro@fd.org (216)861-3955
Edward Bryan Edward_Bryan@fd.org (216)861-3552
Claire Curtis Claire_Curtis@fd.org (216)861-3996
Jillian Davis Jillian_Davis@fd.org (216)861-3872
Charles Fleming Charles_Fleming@fd.org (216)861-3596
Donna Grill Donna_Grill@fd.org (419)259-7370 ext.102
Sharon Hicks Sharon_Hicks@fd.org (216)861-3587
Timothy Ivey Timothy_Ivey@fd.org (216)861-3797
Jacqueline Johnson Jacqueline_Johnson@fd.org (216)861-3618
Carolyn Kucharski Carolyn_Kucharski@fd.org (216)861-3795
Jeffrey Lazarus Jeffrey_Lazarus@fd.org (216)861-3897
Vanessa Malone Vanessa_Malone@fd.org (330)375-5736 ext.103
Debra Migdal Debra_Migdal@fd.org (330)375-5739 ext.109
Stephen Newman Stephen_Newman@fd.org (216)861-3998
Lori Riga Lori_Riga@fd.org (216)861-3958
Alan Rossman Alan_Rossman@fd.org (216)861-3899
Bevlynn Joann Sledge Bevlynn_Joann_Sledge@fd.org (216)861-3997
Jennifer Wenger JenniferWenger@fd.org (419)259-7370 ext. 103
Darin Thompson Darin_Thompson@fd.org (216)861-3460
Carlos Warner Carlos_Warner@fd.org (330)375-5739 ext.108
Vicki Werneke Vicki_Werneke@fd.org (216)861-3926
Joseph Wilhelm Joseph_Wilhelm@fd.org (216)861-3894
Investigators Email Address Telephone Number
Glen Almany Glen_Almany@fd.org (216)861-3627
Donzella Anuszkiewicz Donzella_Anuszkiewicz@fd.org (216)861-3886
Tonya Carr Tonya_L_Carr@fd.org (419)259-7370 ext.107
Herman Ramos Herman_Ramos@fd.org (216)861-3686
Sidney Scully Sidney_Scully@fd.org (216)861-3893
Paralegals Email Address Telephone Number
Donetta Bray Donetta_Bray@fd.org (216)861-3534
Rhonda Huczel Rhonda_Huczel@fd.org (216)861-3798
Christine Sason Christine_Sason@fd.org (216)861-3689
Ashely Chinrock Ashley_Chinrock@fd.org (216)861-3628
Shelly Twining Shelly_Twining@fd.org (216)861-3698
Legal Assistant Email Address Telephone Number
Maritza Pagan Maritza_Pagan@fd.org (216)861-3788



Administrative Officer Email Address Telephone Number
Laura Jones Laura_A_Jones@fd.org (216)861-3690
Computer Systems Administrator Email Address Telephone Number
Sherri Schwachenwald Sherri_Schwachenwald@fd.org (216)861-3692
Assistant Computer Systems Administrator Email Address Telephone Number
Philip Forman Philip_Forman@fd.org (216)861-3772
Property and Procurement Administrator Email Address Telephone Number
Khadija Wilson Khadija_Wilson@fd.org (216)861-3752
Branch Administrative Assistant Email Address Telephone Number
Diana Rodriguez Diana_Rodriguez@fd.org (419)259-7370 ext.101