FPD Staff List

Stephen C. Newman, Federal Public Defender

Jacqueline A. Johnson, First Assistant, Federal Public Defender

Legal      (Please use only the main office number where the person is located for collect calls.)          

Attorneys Email Address Telephone Number
Cathi Adinaro Cathi_Adinaro@fd.org (216)861-3955
Edward Bryan Edward_Bryan@fd.org (216)861-3552
Claire Cahoon Claire_Cahoon@fd.org (419)259-7374
Jillian Davis Jillian_Davis@fd.org (216)861-3872
Charles Fleming Charles_Fleming@fd.org (216)861-3596
Donna Grill Donna_Grill@fd.org (419)259-7372
Christian Grostic Christian_Grostic@fd.org (216)861-3996
Sharon Hicks Sharon_Hicks@fd.org (216)861-3587
Timothy Ivey Timothy_Ivey@fd.org (216)861-3797
Jacqueline Johnson Jacqueline_Johnson@fd.org (216)861-3618
Carolyn Kucharski Carolyn_Kucharski@fd.org (216)861-3795
Jeffrey Lazarus Jeffrey_Lazarus@fd.org (216)861-3897
Vanessa Malone Vanessa_Malone@fd.org (330)375-5852
Debra Migdal Debra_Migdal@fd.org (330)375-5403 
Stephen Newman Stephen_Newman@fd.org (216)861-3998
Lori Riga Lori_Riga@fd.org (216)861-3958
Alan Rossman Alan_Rossman@fd.org (216)861-3899
Bevlynn Joann Sledge Bevlynn_Joann_Sledge@fd.org (216)861-3997
Jennifer Wenger Jennifer_Wenger@fd.org (419)259-7373
Darin Thompson Darin_Thompson@fd.org (216)861-3460
Carlos Warner Carlos_Warner@fd.org (330)375-5744 
Vicki Werneke Vicki_Werneke@fd.org (216)861-3926
Joseph Wilhelm Joseph_Wilhelm@fd.org (216)861-3894
Investigators Email Address Telephone Number
Glen Almany Glen_Almany@fd.org (216)861-3627
Donzella Anuszkiewicz Donzella_Anuszkiewicz@fd.org (216)861-3886
Tonya Carr Tonya_L_Carr@fd.org (419)259-7376
Herman Ramos Herman_Ramos@fd.org (216)861-3686
Sidney Scully Sidney_Scully@fd.org (216)861-3893
Robert Watts Robert_L_Watts@fd.org (216)861-3941
Paralegals Email Address Telephone Number
Donetta Bray Donetta_Bray@fd.org (216)861-3534
Rhonda Huczel Rhonda_Huczel@fd.org (216)861-3798
Christine Sason Christine_Sason@fd.org (216)861-3689
Ashely Chinrock Ashley_Chinrock@fd.org (216)861-3628
Shelly Twining Shelly_Twining@fd.org (216)861-3698
Legal Assistant Email Address Telephone Number
Maritza Pagan Maritza_Pagan@fd.org (216)861-3788
Ute Swift Ute_Swift@fd.org (330)375-5853



Administrative Officer Email Address Telephone Number
Laura Jones Laura_A_Jones@fd.org (216)861-3690
Computer Systems Administrator Email Address Telephone Number
Sherri Schwachenwald Sherri_Schwachenwald@fd.org (216)861-3692
Assistant Computer Systems Administrator Email Address Telephone Number
Philip Forman Philip_Forman@fd.org (216)861-3772
Property and Procurement Administrator Email Address Telephone Number
Khadija Wilson Khadija_Wilson@fd.org (216)861-3752
Branch Administrative Assistant Email Address Telephone Number
Diana Rodriguez Diana_Rodriguez@fd.org (419)259-7371