Our role in the community is to educate lawyers, our clients and their families, and the general public about important topics related to our criminal justice system, court cases, statutes, and other sources of law that may of interest to all of these groups at one point or another.  We have designed this portion of our webpage with that broad audience in mind following the simple philosophy that it is often far easier to hear it or watch it rather than to read it.  We will periodically update these video and audio libraries to address new topics of interest, but you will always have access to archived recordings as well.  Please understand that the information conveyed in some of the archived recordings may be out of date as of the date you listen to them.  As a reminder, these recordings are for informational purposes only, and do not create an attorney-client relationship.  Please consult a lawyer who can address your specific legal questions.

Audio Library

Title Duration Posted Speaker
Glossip v. Gross-Supreme Court's Opinion 10:28 03/08/2016 Robin C. Konrad, Assistant Federal Public Defender, Capital Habeas Unit at FPD-AZ
Glossip v. Gross--Lethal Injection 6:37 03/07/2015 Dale A. Baich, Supervising Attorney, Capital Habeas Unit at FPD-AZ
USSG Amendment 782-Retroactive Sentencing Reduction in Drug Cases 7:47 11/14/2014 Jeffrey Lazarus, Assistant Federal Public Defender at FPD-OHN and Claire Curtis, Research & Writing Specialist at FPD-OHN
United States v. Samuel Mullet 14:56 09/26/2014 Edward G. Bryan, Assistant Federal Public Defender at FPD-OHN
Riley v. California – The Supreme Court’s Focus on Searching Smart Phones 10:03 07/23/2014 Prof. Ric Simmons, The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law
The Basics of Clemency, that Ultimate Act of Mercy 7:13 07/16/2014 Vicki Werneke, Deputy Director, Capital Habeas Unit at FPD-OHN
Arguments and Continuing Litigation En Banc in United States v. Blewitt 9:00 02/03/2014 Frank W. Heft, Jr., Attorney at Law
Developments in the Lethal Injection Litigation in the SDOH 9:14 02/03/2014 Allen L. Bohnert, Assistant Federal Public Defender (SDOH)
US v. Blewett -- Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals En Banc Oral Argument 73:00 10/24/2013 Counsel for the Parties
Mandatory Minimum Sentences--Is it Really Mandatory Anymore? 7:25 09/13/2013 Cheryll Bennett, Assistant Federal Public Defender (SDOH)